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Final Cut Pro X plugins to speed up your editing workflow

If you are an editor you know how cumbersome it can be to work day and night on a film project. Your fingers, arms and hands start to itch and before long you wish the project was finished. We've been there, done that. As professional editors and makers of documentaries, we thought FCPX was great but could be better. We created 10 FCPX plugins that made our editing live much better. And, after testing and using them for a while,we decided to share them with other professionals. Curious to see what those other editing professionals think of them? Read our Praise Page.



10 useful plugins for Final Cut Pro X

The suite of plugins that we created 'hack' Final Cut Pro X in a smart way. Here is a short overview of everyone of them. Simply click on the link to see how they work.

  1. Quote and Note: with this FCPX plugin it is much easier to tag interviews with the right quotes and notes. So if you need to write out your interviews or provide more information to clips than a few words this plugin is your solution. It saves you a lot of valuable time and makes you feel in control with big projects.
  2. Memory Bank: with this FCPX plugin you can store 5 positions and visit them later when you need them. Very nice if you search through your sequence and lose your orientation. Or you can compare multiple clips. Or jump back and forth to the clips you want.
  3. Affiliated Clips: with this FCPX plugin you can copy, paste, adjust white balance, mute audio off/to all the same source clips in the timeline with a shortcut.
  4. Select from in to out: with this FCPX plugin you can select everything between, before or after your sequence in and out point in the time line.
  5. Split Edits: with this FCPX plugin you create a split edit with the click of a button. This b-split will extend the audio of the left clip under the video of the second clip.
  6. Quick Quotes: with this FCPX plugin you can set your in and out point automatically while everything keeps on running while you type. In this way you can transcribe much faster and you get a clean outline of all your quotes and notes. It is the quick and dirty version of our Quote and Note plugin.
  7. Event browser to Text: with this FCPX plugin you can print out the outline of the event browser.
  8. Audio On/Off: with this FCPX plugin you can mute the audio of any clip with the click of a button, even while running your sequence. Very nice if you want to check your audio, mute your score or check your different channels.
  9. Clip Appearance: with this FCPX plugin you can ‘zoom vertically’ to check your audiowaveforms for example. Right now, you can do this as well but you need a lot of mouse clicks and it is very time-consuming.
  10. Reveal Selection: With this FCPX plugin you will reveal your selection of a clip in the timeline to the source clip in the eventbrowser with the exact in and out point.

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